What is a stop motion video?

A stop motion video is a video made with photographs. A stop motion is able to turn even the simplest object or idea into something fun. And when you have a great product, they become even better––bringing inanimate objects to life!


How much is a stop motion?

It depends. I know this can be a frustrating answer, but stop motion is very specific to what is being created and does not have the same consistency as regular photo shoots. I can provide more details when I put together a proposal for your brand, which will include a quote. Sometimes a 15 seconds stop motion could take me 3 days to prep, 1 day to shoot and 16 days to edit. Other times a 15 seconds video could take me 1 day to prep, 2 days to shoot and 7 days to edit. It all depends on the story we will tell and how heavy the edits will be.


What is a stop motion proposal?

During our first discussion, I will make sure to have a clear understanding of your brand, what your needs are and what you want to convey through your product. I will then create a stop motion proposal which includes a moodboard, stop motion concepts, storyboards (I draw few steps of the story), and quotes. The discussion really starts from there.


Where are you based?

My stop motion studio is based in Brooklyn, NY. I am also in Europe often because I miss croissants too much!


Do you travel for photoshoots?

I do travel for photoshoots. I am simply a flight away from you.


What if the client cannot come to the shoot?

If I am in New York and you are in Taiwan, that is not a problem at all. I do most of my work in my studio in New York, but I can work from anywhere as long as I receive the products.


What is included in your service?

Most of the time I am doing the art direction for my photography or stop motion projects. I come up with concept for brand or organization. The story can evolved as we discuss the final scenario. After the shoot, I do the post-production: I edit all the images, animate, and find the music and license it. I take care of everything so the client does not have to worry about it.


How many reviews after I deliver the video/photo? [this question needs to be reworded too I think]

There are usually 2 rounds of reviews per video or photo.


What’s the bonus?

When I deliver my video, I ask the client to pick few stills from the stop motion video so that you can have more content for their social media, or website.


Do you shoot stills?

Yes Yes Yes! I produce stop motion 90% of the time but I also shoot still life photography and would be happy to shoot for your brand.


Where are your videos/photos used?

Most of the times my work is used across social media platforms, primarily  on Instagram and Facebook.


What else?

Let’s work together!