Everything started in the summer of 2014 when I launched my gogogoicp crowdfunding campaign to attend the International Center of Photography (ICP), a photography school based in New York City. I thought a powerful way to spread the word would be a stop motion video. I always thought stop motion was fun, unique and quite different than regular video. I feel there is often more humor and way more proximity with the viewer. I briefly co-produced a tiny stop motion when I was in school in Paris and I was hooked. I then dug into a way more ambitious project. 1 month of prep and drawing, 2 days of shooting and 3 months of post production were the turning point to my career. It sounds cheesy but I started to I find my voice.

It was fun to come up with a story about my journey from Paris to NYC and produce this huge life-size three-minute stop motion video. The gogogoicp stop motion video that promoted my crowdfunding campaign drew a bit of attention. The unexpected and positive feedback made me realize that stop motion was what I wanted to do all the time.

Any colorful object, well-designed packaging or life experience can be used as an inspiration to come up with fun stories and produce an animated video. I’m also inspired by my travels, games, supermarkets and vegan food. I tend to shoot playful, graphic videos that highlight the brand or product that I’m working with. I am obsessed with design, colors and pretty packaging.

I am based in Brooklyn, NY but I work a lot in Paris, France and travel often back to Europe. I really enjoy going back to my favorite cities to shoot: Berlin, Germany and Portland, OR.